Let’s say you want to get off opiates. You trust in your medical doctor to help you do the right thing, and he recommends you go to a detox center where they use methadone to help you withdraw from the opiates. Do you go?

Think twice before you answer the question. I know you really want with all your heart and might to get off the opiates but first know the facts:

  • Methadone Side Effects Can Include Death
  • If you’re going to be on Methadone, you’re going to soon need a Methadone withdrawal program. And because Methadone is essentially an opioid (as strong and as potent heroin), it can react with other opiate drug residues in your body. Methadone is used as a painkiller and its effects last in the body for up to 59 hours whereas the pain killing benefits only last 4 to 8 hours. This means that it’s easy to take more Methadone when your pain levels rise – thus building up the level of Methadone in the body.
  • So already we have a situation where you should be scratching your head, saying, “This doesn’t exactly make sense.” Thus, some Methadone side effects can occur – and one of them is death. There have been people who used Methadone after high doses of other opioids for time periods greater than three months.
  • Methadone Side Effects Can Include Heart Problems
  • Methadone causes heart toxicities such as a long QT interval in the heart and Torsades de Pointes. These can also lead to death, starting with an abnormal rhythm and accompanied by dizziness, heart palpitations, and confusion
  • Methadone Side Effects Can Include Respiratory Depression
  • Methadone may slow breathing or even stop it.
  • Other Methadone Side Effects

Other side effects from Methadone include feeling faint, unable to think, walk or talk as usual, sleepiness, and blurry vision.

The biggest problem with Methadone is you end up with figuring out how to get off Methadone!  This just isn’t right! You shouldn’t have to trade one addiction for another that can potentially kill you.

So how do you get help from methadone withdrawals? You need a drug rehab.  You have to go to a comprehensive holistic drug rehab center such as The Holistic Sanctuary that works on eliminating all the old drug residues out of every cell of the body; nourishes the cells with high levels of nutrients from organic foods, freshly squeezed juices and superfoods; re-establish the brain cells with hyperbaric oxygen, and use effective plants from nature meant to get the job done in record time. And that’s just the start. Now this is how to get off Methadone.

Check out our executive drug rehab at The Holistic Sanctuary. It’s a brand new concept in addiction treatment that actually makes sense in every way.