Harvard News researchers reported in 2013 that we need nearly six positive comments to every ONE negative comment. This made news worldwide and in every media venue.

Even dropping the ratio down to three or four positives for every negative one is enough to cause a divorce in a couple or ruin a good business relationship between a boss and employee.

With this in mind, is it hard to believe that 12-step rehabs fail 97% of the addicts and fail 100% of the alcoholics in their program? When are these programs going to get a clue that they are ignoring one of the most important social relationship rules – you must have 5.6 good comments for every negative comment in order to be successful? Why do they ignore it?

What really is the benefit of someone saying in unison with a group that they are an addict or an alcoholic at the beginning of the meeting and when someone stands up to report on their progress? What is the benefit of then hearing others say, “I’m an addict!” or “I’m an alcoholic!” and then confirming it in one’s own mind that they are similar?

How many of these negative insults can one really withstand before the soul starts to believe it?

Why can’t these programs ‘wake up’ to see what they are doing to people?

Success in overcoming anything starts in the brain. If you want to win, you have to convert to non-12 step program. And using negative talk – telling oneself that you are an addict is not converting these neurons over to a winning strategy. On the contrary, you are creating more neurons that believe it!

Ever watch the movie, The Secret? What was the Secret? It was to focus your mind on what you wanted and then things will come your way… which requires converting all the neurons in your brain to the one thing you want to achieve.

If you are ready to go to a luxury alcohol and drug detox center, why not go to one that is helping you convert your neurons over to the winning strategy – the fact you are whole and well and can function totally without drugs and be successful?

Why spend time and money on centers that increase your battle within your own mind? At our holistic rehab The Holistic Sanctuary, you have no extra battles against your own thoughts. We use a non-12 step program that empowers you, boosts your self-confidence and gives you success in the first 72 hours. After this period, you’ve had so many positive comments in your thoughts that you would never think of going backwards. It’s using modern-day neurological findings to your best advantage.

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