Maybe your doctor thought that suboxone medication treatment was a good idea in the beginning but you are discovering the truth – now you have to find out how to get off Suboxone!

This is not playing fair! Here you made a good decision of getting off drugs in the first place – and the process is now extended with withdrawal help for getting off the drug that helped you withdraw from other drugs? Who does this make sense to?

If you’re mentally grappling with this new revelation, you have actually taken a step forward because now you know that the answer of how to get Suboxone help has to be far beyond the usual medical concept of how to overcome addictions. If this is the best that modern medicine can give you, then you need a paradigm change of how addictions are treated. You need something that truly works.

And you need the journey to not be fraught with all the Suboxone problems – hepatitis, jaundice, hallucinations, chest pain, rashes, wheezing, anaphylactic shock, irregular breathing, weight gain or loss, fever, flushing of the skin, tingling of the hands or feet, bloating and swelling of various parts of the body, headaches, constipation, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose, insomnia, depression, nervousness, chills, back pain, abdominal pain and withdrawals.

Check out our executive drug rehab, The Holistic Sanctuary as a true substitute for all this nonsense. At this drug and holistic alcohol rehab center, the focus is on HEALTH and WELLNESS for withdrawal help. Here’s the bottom line – other centers don’t seem to understand that the ability of your body to withdraw from Suboxone or any other drug is dependent on how clean the body is on the inside. You can’t detox from Suboxone if your cells are dirty on the inside.

By using natural holistic drug rehab methods of detoxification, you give your body a fighting chance to overcome Suboxone dependency simply because CELLS THAT ARE HEALTHY ACT DIFFERENTLY than cells that are dirty and full of drug residues. Cells that are healthy don’t want Suboxone anywhere near them. If healthy cells could talk, they’d say, “Keep me pure and get that stuff out of my sight!” They kick it out of the cell and environment fast – and as a result you have less pain and withdrawal symptoms.

Another key of how to get off suboxone medication treatment is to use natural plants that have already been proven to help decrease opiate addictions. One of them is a plant from Africa that contains the active ingredient Ibogaine. Ibogaine has been used in ceremonial healing by African tribes for centuries – thus proven by them from usage, plus there have been several studies showing it works. One of the clients at our luxury rehab, The Holistic Sanctuary stated in a video testimonial that Ibogaine helped him see in a vision the negative effects of his addiction on his family – and from that moment on, his journey became a rapid transformation.

What’s the bottom line? When you’re at our high end drug rehab The Holistic Sanctuary, you can forget all the old stereotypes of what happens with Suboxone withdrawal and get down to business fast, without pain and completely. It’s a real honest-to-God withdrawal process that works.