There are three types of healers you will meet in life. One is a healer that gets out of school and dives right into practice and never looks back. He doesn’t really care to study anymore and his knowledge drastically plummets from then on. He does his best but unfortunately, his best is not good enough for many of his patients and they remain sick.

The second type of healer is one that gets out of school and dives into practice, creates more and more learning opportunities for himself and as time goes on, he gets better and better success with patients. Healer #2 has more success than Healer #1 but his success is dependent on the years of experience he has had – and he never approaches 60% success with his healing methods with patients.

The third type of healer is one that has walked the path of healing his whole life. When he was young, he was sick and had to find solutions. He developed strategies that work to enhance health and wellness and walks in health, sharing them wherever he goes. He may not have gone to school but he’s essentially “anointed” divinely for this type of work, and it’s as if angels are helping him – doors open to him continually and his success far exceeds the #1 and #2 healers from the start.

Johnny The Healer is the #3 type of healer. He’s the Founder of our high end drug rehab The Holistic Sanctuary and rapidly becoming known as an Addiction expert because of his high rate of success. He discovered how to heal himself of his own addictions after a long, difficult battle and then created a master plan to empower others to do the same.

At our executive drug rehab The Holistic Sanctuary, all the methods are provided for you to overcome depression, addictions, PTSD and alcoholism. You don’t have anything to figure out on your own; Johnny the Healer has already done all this work for you. When you come in to the holistic drug rehab center, a customized plan will be drawn up for you – and for you to do it in a positive, empowering way that  decreases withdrawals and decreases pain.

The plan literally helps you walk from an addicted state into a transformational health journey that is fun, filled with revelations and without any harm. You take a step into wholesomeness and your body and brain follow. You beat all odds against you and come out on top. “This is the way it is meant to be,” says Johnny The Healer. “I’ll show you how.”

Stop wasting time with Healer #1 and Healer #2. There’s no comparison. Get the help you need from an Addiction Expert.